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Teach Yourself To Play The Piano Some Tips

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piano is a popular instrument to learn and learning to play it is indeed a very rewarding experience. However, like any other instruments to learn, you need to have the effort and passion. If you want to teach yourself to play the piano, you have to prepare well and make sure that you will never give up.

- Get a good instructional material to guide you through your learning. For sure, you can find a lot of resources anywhere on the web about tutorials on how to play piano but it is important to be consistent with your methods and your instructional materials. If you want to teach yourself to play the piano well, you have to stick with a systematic plan of learning the instrument. This way, you will not be jumping from lesson to lesson without any direction in mind. Find an instructional method that is comfortable with you - which depends also on the existing skills you have in terms of playing the piano.

- Learn one thing at a time. Of course, it may be tempting to put both your hands to work in practicing the piano but you can make your learning easier if you have only one hand to focus. Take your learning one step at a time. You can learn to play with your right hand first and then your left. You may want to focus first on your hands before trying on the foot pedals, which will be simpler to learn when you have mastered everything with your hands. Learning everything at one time may make your learning process a little difficult.

- Always make sure that you practice correctly and accurately. Regular and constant practice is an essential part of learning the piano and any other instrument, but another thing that you have to consider is to practice accurately as possible. It is important that while you teach yourself to play the piano, you are learning it correctly from the start. Bad playing habits can develop through practice too and you should avoid that. One tip to help you practice as accurately as possible is to learn one hand at a time and practicing in slower tempo.

- Do stretching exercises before and after your piano practice. This does not only help you relieve tension in your fingers and arms but it will also help you a lot in learning the correct way of pressing the piano keys. One of the most common mistakes in piano playing is reaching the keys with the fingers. I personally made this mistake in my learning stage especially when I am faced with a more complex piece. Understand that you have to use your arm to move your hand on the keys and stretching exercises will indeed help you make this a lot easier.

- Use the metronome. The metronome can be a very helpful device to help you teach yourself to play the piano well and improve your piano playing. You can set the metronome to a speed that is comfortable with your playing but also consider the feel of the music. It may be quite a challenge at first to coordinate with the clicks of the metronome but you can find it very helpful in the long run.

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