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Piano Is Fun Reviews

Piano Is Fun

Rating: Rated 4.5/5

Piano Is Fun

The author of PianoIsFun is Dr. Anthony Fernando, a professional software developer and a musician with over twenty years of experience. A few years ago he in an effort to help his eight year old nephew Michael learn his piano notes. The end result was a colorful, fun computer software for children and adults was born.

It is a fun program providing 20 interactive lessons, using colourful animations and games. This is a good product. The feedback received from the customer base has been positive. The value is that the program offered is seen as a great teaching tool for both children and adults. More suited to children but also can be used by adulats as well.

Piano is Fun is a software system for learning how to play the piano. It was designed for children but has proven to be just as useful for beginning adults. 20 downloadable lesson plans, a printable graduation certificate and using colourful animations and games makes these lessons fun. Highly recommended for children or the beginning adult.

The Piano is Fun Course Includes:

20 Step-by-Step Lessons-Downloadable plans
The entire file is included in the download

Suitable For:

levels: Beginner , Intermediate.
Mostly for Children, ages 3 to 13.
Also for Parents and Grandparents, and for Piano teachers teaching Children.
Compatible with both PC and Mac.

Company Information

Dr. Anthony Fernando Owner of Piano is Fun, a software company designing music teaching programs for children and adults. Fernando Enterprises Pty Ltd is based in Victoria, Australia.

Risk: Ordering Security + Guarantee:
No Risk Order, Full Guarantee.
Ordering is done through a secure payment processor and accepts PayPal and the major credit cards (Mastercard, Visa,Disco...) Piano is Fun orders are processed by a third party dedicated processor, over a secure and encrypted connection, so order and credit-card details are very safe and secure.

Piano is Fun offers a 60-days, No questions asked money back guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied, just send an email (or return physical version), and receive a 100% refund - No questions asked. In addition, after you get your money back, you still get to keep all the bonuses listed above.

Price:$29.95 as a full download

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