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Learn Piano Online Tips For Success

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Your Current Skill Level

This is important when choosing a method to learn piano online. Are you a beginner with very little knowledge of scale, chords or proper finger placement? Or perhaps you have mastered the basics and wish to improve your site reading and or ear training skills. Keep these questions in mind when searching for lessons or a full course.


Have an idea of what you can afford to spend on your lessons. Although traditional lessons do cost more then when you learn piano online, there are some courses on the Internet that could be expensive. These are the full courses available that offer real time interaction and written materials, etc.

Do Some Research

A good place to find reputable sources for lessons is by logging on to review sites. This will save you considerable time trying to weed through those sites that are not worth looking at. Some programs have free lessons for you to try before you decide if you wish to purchase the full course.

Finding a course that has good customer support and a forum to log on to with questions is an indication of a good reputation. Being able to email your instructor is another one. It shows they care about the students and not just tuition.

Being able to choose which style of music you wish to learn is another advantage to look for. You should have the option to be diversified and learn any and all genres available, not just classical or pop, for instance.

Other options

If you do not wish to take a full course to learn piano online, don't worry. You can find plenty of worthwhile sites to choose individual lessons, and some are totally free. It all depends on how far you want to go with learning. One step at a time has always been the best way.

There are e-books, video tutorials, software and interactive games, just to name a few. U-tube is loaded with video clips you can watch. There are piano chord charts you can print out for free, which are an excellent way to teach yourself the many chord variations. If you want to learn improvisation, learn those chords!

The main thing is to have a practice schedule and stick with it. Keep it interesting by rotating your lessons. Practice scales for a few minutes to warm up, then move on to chords. Pop in your favorite music CD and do some improv. We learn by doing!

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