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Piano Coach Pro Reviews

Piano Coach Pro

Rating: Rated 2/5

Piano Coach Pro

The author of PianoCoachPro is Jamie Lewis. This courses contains his own cutting edge method for teaching piano, keys, organ and music theory. Lewis has been teaching privately and in schools for the last 12 years.

Piano Coach Pro is packaged in 200 lessons, 18 Video lessons, 20 audio lessons, Jam tracks, exercises, in addition to the exclusive system, you receive scales and arpeggios, exclusive resources and an entire library of jam tracks. The lesson plans really help the beginner piano player with the keys and notes.

Our did find some very negative reviews on the product. We also found the website unreliable as it was always down from time to time. We recommend you avoid this product and instead look into Rocket Piano instead.

The Piano Coach Pro Includes:

eBook Manual : 200 Video Lessons
18 Video Lessons
20 Audio Lessons
Jam Tracks
Piano Coach Pro Online Membership

Suitable For:

levels: Beginner , Intermediate , Advanced.

Company Information

Jamie Lewis is founder of Piano Coach Pro.

Price:$29.95 (download version only)


There's simply no way you’re going to learn how to be proficient pianist from the handful of hastily cobbled together video clips and poor quality instruction contained within Piano Coach Pro.

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