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easy way to learn how to play the piano

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1. Find a Qualified Piano Teacher

Don′t fall into this trapp from other people saying you don′t need a piano teacher. I highly recommend you grab your local paper or phone and find a qualified piano teacher. Why? Most importantly, you will learn much faster and eventually play much better then if you have to do this all by yourself.

2. Practice Regularly

Never practice when you are tired you cannot focus and concentrate well enough to make good progress.

Practice Regularly Piano playing requires good coordination and music reading skills. To get best results with your piano playing practice daily for at least 20-30 minutes a day.

3. Set Realistic Goals

When studying your song, set realistic goals. Find a song that is right, and fits your musical knowledge and skills. For example if you are studying a Czerny etude make a goal to learn a new page every day or even a few measures depending on your level and skills.

4. Improve Your Sight Reading

If you have no trouble reading music notes you learn a new song much faster. Keep working on your sight reading skills by making it a routine to start your daily practice with playing a few bars of a totally new piano piece.

5. Read Music literature of the Composer

When you are playing a Mozart sonate and you don′t know anything about his life its more difficult to play with a good "character". Learn all about your favorite composer and try to find a good approach to play his/her songs.

The best value for money online course I have seen so far is the Rocket Piano by Ashley Southam.

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