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how to play piano Learning Beginner Piano Basics

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The learning sequence is carefully graded to ensure steady progress in all areas. The theory book contains written work and some short pieces to reinforce each concept that was introduced in the lesson as the young beginners will have a better understanding of the music they are playing.

The Bastien Piano Basics also comes with Technic and Performance books in a logical sequence, all sold separately. The pages are colorful and fully illustrated which will attract and inspire the young musicians.

The lessons from the knol are comprised of 6 parts:

   1. Lesson 1: Piano basics.
   2. Lesson 2: Learning notes.
   3. Lesson 3: Learning Chords.
   4. Lesson 4: Learning Scales.
   5. Lesson 5: Playing Simple Songs.
   6. Lesson 6: Practicing

Bastien Piano Basics is an exciting and comprehensive approach in teaching children to play the piano. It is suitable for children 7 years and above. It introduces varying music styles such as pop and classical.
Piano is one of the well-known musical instruments worldwide. With its rich history, riding on the back of legendary musician in classical time, such as Chopin, learning piano is the way to go to keep the passion for music relived from generations to generations, and more.

This very useful knol on how to play a piano (including a short guide on how to buy the right piano), including DIY piano learning that is claimed to save $500 in piano lessons.

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