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how to choose a great piano

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how to choose a great piano.

1. pay attention to quality, ignore style.
The piano is very complex, precision instruments. It consists of more than 8,000 components. Make pianos are involved in many industries, such as metallurgical, textile, chemical industry, wood processing, etc. So the quality of piano with state and enterprise's industrial technology level, and the quality of the employees, and these conditions to improve in the short term. So many factories in piano appearance design, produce the piano appearance style variety, meet a lot of people. Especially some technical strength and weakness of the enterprise, this piano for more customers and higher profits. The piano is the most important performance, it should be in the piano acoustic quality and mechanical properties to consider the premise of appearance. Choose like The world famous piano like Germany, Japan's steinway piano piano, etc, the yamaha its exterior simple, sedate and easy, and the intrinsic quality of piano is other cannot be compared. So when the choose and buy piano without more attention to style.

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