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How to avoid detours about children learn play piano

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Learn a new piano song, if pay attention to the following process, may be less or not detours:

First, the teacher will demonstrate to your children how to play, new audiotape of music in nature, style, technical types and features a initial impression, it is just know how about it.

when the teacher give a new lessons, teacher do some explanation to students according to the situation,  points out the key technical difficulties, teacher tell him how to overcome the difficulty. Technical Remember to score superscript, errors or need to adjust to the change of mark, mark. Fish-exploring When necessary, the students try to play some spot, really know. Experience tells us that many students to understand the things spoken, not equal to playing practical really understand.

Time to prove, the beginning stage of the process is very important.  the students  of independent ability of dealing with problems is  weak, so the students to learn from teachers and careful attention began a series of instructions. Many students just listen by ears, but didn't remember how many psychological, when he practice at home. Once have a wrong cann't be find, he continuously repeating the errors, the most easily become "error stubborn disease". Thereafter,it will do much work to change it and the change is not complete.

when students practise a new lessons at home, especially pay attention to the following points:

1.Remember the music's tune marker, how many sharp? how many flat? Without any change among? Whether the change and reduction of temporary? Don't do some wrong.
2.the fingering. When playing the next note, be sure to check whether it is the right finger. At least, in each phrase beginning, big jump, melody line etc, be sure to check. Don't thoughtlessly use is the most obedient "feel" easy "finger

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