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Children learn play piano experience and tips

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Children learn play piano experience and tips

How to increase interesting:

1.with your children do game of music, Training ear of kids from music's game to contend, rhythm, and agility of memory, cooperate to develop the imagination of children about music etc.

2.Although do not learn piano theory to much before learn piano, the piano is the best way of learning music theory, children can learn sheet music with progress, but since you prepared ahead of time to prepare for Kids, that can let kids know simple things, like the appearance of note, the length of notes, this can be done by game, mom draw a note with your kids.

3.Listen more and more CD, VCD, do not limited to the content, including light music, symphony,dramatic, songs, etc.  the important is piano music, let the children can enjoy the piano music and like it.

4.Get some ear training lessons, this lessons can help learning music instruments and increase the interesting.

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