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Chord Revision learn piano by chords

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Chord Revision
You might be getting a little confused with the five chords you now know, and its understandable, they all have similar names and similar notes so its easy to get them confused. Look at the table below and memorize it if you dont already know it to clear up any confusions about what notes belong to what chords. In the following table, X denotes any letter of the musical alphabet(ie ABCDEF or G)
Chord Name Symbol

Chord Name Symbol Intervals No. Notes In Chord
XMajor X 4th followed by a 3rd 3
X7th (Also known as dominant 7th) X7 4th followed by a 3rd followed by a 3rd 4
XMajor 7th Xmaj7 4th followed by a 3rd followed by a 4th 4
XMinor Xm 3rd followed by a 4th 3
XMinor 7th Xm7 3rd followed by a 4th followed by a 3rd 4


Please be careful to note the subtle differences between these chords, they are by far the most common chords used in music so you will be required to work them out when you're playing a tune. For this you need to know the intervals column which is probably best to memorize.

Heres a quick midi where I play each of the chords in a sequence so you can hear them. I will play each type of chord with a root note of C, so it'll be C, C7, Cmaj7, Cm, Cm7. Notice the distinctive sound each type of chord has.

Ok you doing fantastic! Now move on to the next section and play some tunes using the new chords you've just learnt!

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