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Ear Training How to Playing Piano by Ear

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How would you learn to play the piano without frills on the partition? How do you create music by simply humming the melody? You've always wanted to play piano, but her sense of sight, seemed impossible? Well, you do not know that, while humming a song, you can play the piano by ear in the same way?Ear Training How to Playing Piano by Ear

Some musicians start their career not use textbooks or the termination of some teachers. What they did was follow the sound you hear and then play with him! If you want to try, here are some steps to follow.

1st Assemble your equipment. Of course you need a keyboard or piano. You also need to play at least three fingers. You should have a little time to practice. If youre there, its tune piano!

2nd Remember, if you play the piano by ear is an instrument of the 88s together, and, during such twelve notes straight. The first white key is the note A, C, and the following: FB, C, D, E, & G. After the last White GC Note the following, which begins as once again, and then repeat continuously. The sequence is about seven times, including the black keys are sharps and flats again.

3rd ELC grade of C is also known as keys to the house. CC to trace the note, you need to find the white key on the left of two black keys. Stare at the piano, and you will find that the kernel is at a grade of C. C then, it is the first major chords.

As you learn to play piano by ear, you notice that the thumb of the right hand is always number one in the placement will be. This means that it is placed in the center of C. From there, the index is 2 in the following key, and so on (with the black keys).

4th Make yourself known with the order. Place your thumb on a series path of his little finger in five years. You can start with notes, but make sure you include the half-tones (black keys). With these agreements and their roots, and the script works perfectly, if you decide to start with a diamond. You will be a strong rope.

5th If you have time for these simple chords that recognize, finally, that is by careful listening and counting exercise, it is easy to play the piano by ear! decreased For example, if the rope is 5, resulting in a number of fourth In this case, you'll end up with a minor chord.
Well, if you play a chord, all you have to do is move the fingers left key to C minor to produce!

By listening, you will be able to distinguish differences of the sound. You will notice slight differences in the mood.

Ear Training How to Playing Piano by Ear
Not only is the practice key community. There are many other keys on the keyboard!
Do not limit yourself to only one or two fingers. With enough practice, you should be able to use them in the situation.

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